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It was the year 1982, Abba broke up, Blade Runner hit the cinemas, we feared the first computer-virus, Thriller by Michael Jackson was released and exactly 6 days later Fabian Simoneit aka “Cruel Culture” was dropped on earth. Only skeptics doubt about the direct connection of this events.

Fabian grew up in the west of Munich and already was virtuous in his first solos on the pans and pots of his mother. The cassette-recorder has been carried around all the time to record everything and laugh about it afterwards. Fascinated by the possibilities and inspired by HipHop and electronic music on radio and tv he began to write and record childlike songs with a classmate using his casio-keyboard and hifi. With unlike stamina for his age he kept doing this and distributed the tapes to his classmates. Around the same time he started to get piano-lessons but he neglected the piano because he wanted to play the drum kit and he switched it some years after. His drum-teacher also was the pitiable reagent who had to listen to the first experiments cruel did with his pc he got around 1995 which he explored more and more. Additionally he kept to play the drums in a Band and started more serious hiphop-projects. Soon he was infected with the drum'n'bass-virus, those dark and mighty sounds which came out 1996 and afterwards and he also began to intensively explore this region of sound. He upgraded his music-system and at the latest when the internet got more important he was lost to this genre. Whereat you have to say that he isn't secretive about most genres except Techno/Gabba what he did for a short while and what got him allergic to many 4/4-bassdrum-music.

Till today he is doing many styles of music but he concentrates on Drum'n'Bass and Downtempo as “Cruel Culture” and his HipHop-Projects (Kollision). The first release came a bit late, in November 2006 the first tunes where available digital and since then it's going on and on with releases on PN RecordsShadybrainUrban PoetryBasswerk and there will be more in future. Stay tuned...

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